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    Performance of the Servlet 3 protocol vs Managed

    Sanne Grinovero Master


      on one of our projects we have 30 integration tests which run within WildFly 9 (9.0.0.CR1).


      We used wildfly-arquillian-container-managed and everything was working fine, but it was bothering me that our testsuite would start and stop the container 30 times.


      I now patched our build to start WildFly only once, as a <phase>pre-integration-test</phase> and stop it at the end. I now have to use wildfly-arquillian-container-remote, correct?


      This seems to work fine, but while I was expecting the testsuite to complete earlier, it's actually slower.. that's disappointing. Looks like it's faster to start the server over and over rather than have it connect remotely?


      Would someone know if there is some trick to get the best of the two worlds, or maybe I'm missing something obvious?