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    Wildfly 8.2.0.Final & Arquillian integration - adapter library issue

    Andrei Serea Newbie

      Hello all!


      I am trying to migrate my environment from JBoss 7.1 to Wildfly 8.2 and in this process I have to migrate the testing also.

      Right now I want to have a working simple test with Arquillian and Wildfly. Got to the point where I have to add the container adapter library and the jmx-protocol library but I am puzzled.

      I see that in maven jboss repository there are 2 versioning schemas for both wildfly-arquillian-protocol-jmx and wildfly-arquillian-container-remote.

      For example, for the later, i have:

      • under group org.wildfly versions from 8.0.0.Alpha up to 8.2.0.Final (basically matching the versioning schema of the server itself)
      • Under group org.wildfly.arquillian versions from 1.0.0.Alpha to 1.0.0.CR1.


      Which one to choose? I observed that at least for the protocol-jmx library, the latest versions from both groups (1.0.0.CR1 and 8.2.0.Final) are quite different.


      Hope someone can clear this mistery for me....