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    Need Help: Jboss EAP 6.4 AD Authentication for the management console and other things....

    fgallagher Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am having an awful time wrapping my head around how to configure Jboss EAP 6.4 to authenticate to AD for access to the management console. I've found the examples and etc in the forums and in the documentation but I'm hoping for something more specific. Part of the problem is I'm jumping in with both feet on this and haven't really found a solid step by step Jboss EAP for dummies that will walk me through from download to deployment of the first app and cover all the steps and configuration in between. I need to figure out if I should be doing domain or standalone setup, how to connect to a SQL database, and all of those basic configuration things that just seem easier to do in WebSphere via the GUI. Can anyone recommend a solid remedial book or video tutorial so I can stop going in circles? I'm running this on Windows too by the way if that makes any difference.


      I tried to read this article but I don't have a subscription so I'm unable to access it. Anyone know of a way to get access without spending the $6800.00? At this point it's too early to make that investment but I suspect we will eventually.


      I also tried to follow this guide but I get errors at the command line. See attached image.


      I've viewed many other articles but they all show what to add to the configuration files and aren't all the same, they don't really spell out the default path to the file being edited so that confuses me a bit, how can I be sure to edit the correct file. Some of the posts on the internets show that you have to configure a realm and at least one other seemed to indicate all you need to do is set an outbound connection for LDAP.




      Finally... one last thing... what windows systems variables should I set as a best practice? I've set EAP_HOME, JBOSS_HOME, and JAVA_HOME then added both the JAVA_HOME\bin and JBOSS_HOME\bin to the path. Do I need any others? CLASSPATH?


      Thank you for any help you can give or any tutorials you can point me to. I appreciate your time.



      confused, frustrated, and ready to move on