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    brms test scenario - For List type property

    Shweta Jain Newbie

      Hi I have object which is having 2 properties list1 and list2. Both are of type List.


      List<Test1> list1

      List<Test2> list2



      When I do followings in Test Scenario


            Insert Test1  as test1

            Insert Test2 as test2

      Insert , TestObject

      add field lsit1, I get the the pencil.

      click on pencil of list1 select guided list

      Click on + sign of list1 , I will get pencil sign . Click on pencil sign,


      I get only Literal value, There is nothing in Advanced. I am expecting bound variable there. In guvnor it gets appear.


      Please let me know as I need this me urgently. Thanks a lot!