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    render="@region" questions and issues

    cm.tcomp Newbie

      Was trying to implement a popup panel with validation. To execute the portion only in the panel, it was in a a4j:region.


      The problem was, it appeared that validation was failing and re-rendering was not occuring, so messages would never occur.


      setup - netbeans 8.02, Jsf2.2, richfaces4.5.5.


      partial code for illustration (could not figure out how to format properly code snippet with editor)


      <a4j:region id="regiongroup" >

      <a4j:outputPanel id="thisPanel">


      Confirm email:
      <h:inputText id="email2id"
                   requiredMessage="email2 required">
      <h:message for="email2id" />



      <a4j:commandButton value="Accept a4j:"




      render works for @ all, form, and for the thisPanel id.


      this appears to be related to

      Regions don't have any visual representation so they can't be used as a @render target



      however, the reason that I was using @region was it is listed in 4.3 Partial view updates as a valid rendering area, even in the latest doc

      Chapter 4. Basic concepts



      The region that contains the requesting component is updated. Use the <a4j:region> component as a wrapper element to specify regions.


      So the questions are - should region be renderable, or should it be struck from the documentation?


      anyway, the discrepency led to much lost time and hair tearing out