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    How to identify one of multiple Send Task nodes in the process?

    Michael Awizen Novice

      Given a process definition with multiple Send Task nodes I want to recognize form within of my SendTaskHandler which node I'm currently in.


      To mark a node I was trying to set a local variable with distinct value (Data State ? ) on the Send Task node in the process definition:




      That is what BPMN2 Editor produces from it:


          <bpmn2:sendTask id="SendTask_5" name="notify originator" messageRef="Message3" operationRef="Operation_1">
            <bpmn2:property id="notificationType" itemSubjectRef="ItemDefinition_11">
              <bpmn2:dataState id="DataState_1" name="originatorNotification"/>


      Unfortunately this outcome of the BPMN2 Editor can not be parsed and deployed any more. Parsing of the process definition ends up in the Null Pointer Exception.


      Does anybody have an idea how to mark the send task nodes effectively?


      Unfortunately the name of the sendTask (like e.g. "notify originator") is not propagated to the WorkItemHandler.