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    Hornet Queue  clustering issue in wildfly 8

    Fakaruddin Ali Newbie

      I am facing the following problem:

      Problem Statement:
      Wildfly: HornetQ Clustering, nodes doesnt recieve messages (or nodes are idle)

      2 nodes env and each node is in different Machines. i.e. Node-A in Machine-A and another node called Node-B in Machine-B.
      Server: Wildfly-8
      Mode: Domain Mode

      1. Node-A of Machine A starts up
      2. Node-B of Machine-B starts up
      3. Based on the logs, we can see HornetQ clustering is successfully configured
      4. Now we have a tool which produces the Messages and put in HornetQ
      5. And Node-A is reading/processing the messages successfully but Node-B is sitting idle (No messages are processed at Node-B)

      Summarized Problem Statement
      All the messages are processed only in Node-A and Node-B is not processing any messages.

      What we are looking/Expectation:
      Both the nodes (Node-A and Node-B) should process the messages which are in HornetQ Queue.

      Please help to resolve the issue.