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    upgrade jboss but not hibernate

    hugo gonzales Newbie

      I am trying to upgrade a jboss application from 3.2.6 to the latest 4.0.4. We are currently using hibernate 2.1. I am trying to keep us on the same version of hibernate to minimize code changes (http://www.hibernate.org/250.html). However I am getting an error when I run my first hibernate lookup:

      09:17:41,337 ERROR [JDBCExceptionReporter] null, message from server: "Unknown column 'insgroups0_.name' in 'order clause'"
      09:17:41,339 ERROR [...] could not initialize collection: [net.insurance.common.vo.User.insGroups#25]

      This code runs fine in JBoss 3.2.6. What is the best way to convert the application?
      All the information about how to do this appears to be outdated:

      From the section Switching from Hibernate3 to Hibernate2:
      "Simply delete the existing deploy/jboss-hibernate.deployer from your system and drop in the Hibernate2-based jboss-hibernate.deployer."

      I have no jboss-hibernate.deployer on my system, and when I dropped the hibernate 2 based deployer it doesn't make any difference.

      Currently my ant script deloys the ant jars to the server/all/lib directory (cglib-full-2.0.2.jar, hibernate2.jar, odmg-3.0.jar). Additionaly I replaced the jboss-hibernate.jar with the one from JBoss 3.2.6. I also deleted cglib.jar, and hibernate3.jar from the lib directory.
      None of these changes had any effect.

      Also here is my jboss-service.xml file that I deploy:

       <mbean code="net.sf.hibernate.jmx.HibernateService" name="jboss.jca:service=InsuranceHibernate">
       <attribute name="MapResources">net/Insurance/common/vo/Alert.hbm.xml,net/Insurance/common/vo/ReturnItem.hbm.xml,net/Insurance/common/vo/FileSpec.hbm.xml,net/Insurance/common/vo/Item.hbm.xml</attribute>
       <attribute name="JndiName">java:/InsuranceHibernateFactory</attribute>
       <attribute name="Datasource">java:/InsuranceDS</attribute>
       <attribute name="Dialect">net.sf.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect</attribute>
       <!-- <attribute name="UseOuterJoin">false</attribute> -->
       <attribute name="ShowSql">true</attribute>
       <attribute name="UserTransactionName">UserTransaction</attribute>
       <attribute name="TransactionStrategy">net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory</attribute>
       <attribute name="TransactionManagerLookupStrategy">net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup</attribute>
       <attribute name="CacheProvider">net.sf.hibernate.cache.TreeCacheProvider</attribute>