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    Tx deadlock with read-only JDBC and EJB (JBoss 3.2.7) on SQL

    Bradley Wagner Newbie

      This is a somewhat complicated scenario but here goes. I have an EJB app deployed to use Commit Option A running under 3.2.7. In this application, there are places where I do read-only JDBC calls for snippets of information for which I would rather not load the entity bean.

      Basically, I'm getting SQL server thread deadlock between a thread that's executing a JDBC select and one that is executing an UPDATE coming from one of my EJB setters.

      The weird thing is that the UPDATE is being blocked by the SELECT and the SELECT thread says that it has a wait type of NetworkIO in the Enterprise Manager.

      I was under the assumption that even with commit option A enabled, I should still be able to do read-only JDBC queries without messing with the EJB layer.

      The deadlock is definitely happening on the SQL server database itself though and eventually SQL server chooses a thread to kill.

      I have tried enabling and disabling <row-locking> in my jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file and the problem persist.

      Can anyone see anything fundamentally wrong with mixing these two given the read-only nature of the JDBC?