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    Node(s) failover and recovery

    Arnab Chatterjee Newbie



      Hope all are doing good. I am new to Infinispan and I need help. Say I have a cluster of 3 nodes running in Distributed Mode. Consider the following scenario:

      Infinispan Version : 7.1.1

      No. of Nodes = 3 (NodeA, NodeB, NodeC)

      Mode = Distributed

      numOwners = 2

      No. of Key/Values in the cluster = 3 [(k1,v1),(k2,v2),(k3,v3)]

      Distribution of keys in each of the nodes :

      NodeA --> k1,k2

      NodeB --> k2,k3

      NodeC --> k3,k1


      Now, say Node B is down.


      Q1. Would the following scenario be like this?

      NodeA --> k1,k2, k3

      NodeC --> k3,k1, k2

      Q2. If Node B becomes alive again, I want my cluster to regain its original state like:

      NodeA --> k1,k2

      NodeB --> k2,k3

      NodeC --> k3,k1


      Is there any mechanism by which I can achieve the above 2 states (after node failure and after node recovery).


      Can anyone help me out?

      Any help would be highly appreciated.