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    Update WildFly 9 CR1 to CR2

    Andreas Wagner Newbie

      Hi, is there an easy way to update an existing WildFly 9 CR1 installation to CR2. We have our WildFly under a Git-Repository. With this it's easy to setup new instances of WildFly because we have to checkout the wildfly-repository and add some lines in a few property-files and that's it. But now we would like to update CR1 to CR2. I am not completly sure what's the best way to do this. I should just copy all of the new files over our current installation and keep our configuration files and then commit everything to git? Or anyone has other recommendations for me? Thanks in advance.

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          Philippe Marschall Master

          Our set up is currently like this:

          • We don't change anything in WildFly, we only add things.
          • We have the things we add checked into SCM.
          • We have an unmodified WildFly tarball in Nexus/Artifactory.
          • When we build the project the "build" the project the unmodified tarball and our additions get merged. The result is again deployed to Nexus/Artifactory.
          • When we update WilfFly we often only have to update version of the referenced tarball (and schemas sometimes).