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    Object doesn't support property or method 'ajax'

    Marc Savitsky Newbie


      I'm stuck on an issue with ie11 (works ok on firefox and chrome).  Something must be fundermentally wrong as I'm getting the error:

      function onchange(event)


      } )

      Object doesn't support property or method 'ajax'


      when I enter an incorrect email (eg enter mm in the email input, then click in the telephone).

      also there are 8 javascript errors in jquery and RichFaces when the page loads, although no network errors.


      A link is available at http://testshop.actionfarm.co.uk/actjsf5/

      I have updated to the latest RichFaces 4.5.7, WildFly-9.0.0.Final and Java 8 and have tried ie in compatability mode.

      Any indications as to my problem would be most appreciated.