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    Wildfly 9 off-line CLI question (which host.xml, and defining auth credentials)

    Henrik Størner Newbie



      when using Wildfly in domain mode, one of the very few things you must do on each slave-server is to configure the authentication credentials for the slave to connect to the master server. This means changing the <secret ...> setting in host-slave.xml


      Is it possible to do that using the off-line CLI now in Wildfly 9? I have two problems:

      1. How do you tell the embedded server handling the off-line CLI which host.xml file to use? There is an option to choose between the standalone.xml/domain.xml files, but I haven't found one to pick which host.xml file is used - and the authentication settings are stored in host.xml
      2. I am struggling a bit with the CLI syntax for defining the <secret>, so pointers on how to do that would be nice


      It would be really nice to completely setup a slave server without having to manually edit xml-files.


      Thanks in advance,

      Henrik Størner