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    Associated Entities next task(s)

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      I am using jbpm 6.3 embedded in my application. For integration I am relying on the CDI Services API ("BPMN2DataServiceCDIImpl", etc.).

      A new requirement for my application is that a user working on task A can select the assignee of Task B from the list of possible candidates.

      Task B doesn't exist until Task A is completed (sequence).

      To achieve this I am looking for a way to traverse the bpmn model from the active Node (representation of Task A in the model).


      How can I find the node equivalent to Task A and from there traverse the outgoing edges to find the next human task?

      Best I could find was BPMN2DataServiceCDIImpl.getTasksDefinitions which allows to access the candidates of a node.

      Unfortunatley there is nothing telling me if it is the next one.

      I am thankful for any pointers.


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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          personally I think it would be best to rely on process variables. So when someone designs the process can specify assignees as variable reference (#{assignees}) and then on task A completion you simply map the selected assignees into that process variable to be assigned. The only thing that is left is to figure out what users Task A can select from though it might be already given on start process or with some service nodes that fetches what options we have for given type of process etc.