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    How to force Jboss EAP 6.2  load Jars from my  war file webapp lib folder only

    Karthik Kanniyappan Newbie


      can someone share  the code  for the the jboss-deployment-structure xml file how it should look exactly to  force load the jars from the web-inf lib folder only.

      I m unable to find out exactly   which jar file is conflicting with the Jboss system library on loading and i m supposed to exclude. So i  guess better solution would be to force load all the jars available in my web-app lib  folder and make the app UP and running.

      Need quick solution, Please share  the code snippet  with real example form.

      My WebApp Looks like this :



                 | META-INF

                 | WEB_INF-

                                      | lib

                                            | - my-first-conflicting-jar.jar

                                            | -  my-second-conflicting-jar.jar

                                            | - non-conflicting-jar.jar