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    JDBC XA datasource configuration does not work as expected in wildfly-9.0.0.Final

    Wolfgang Mayer Master

      I think I had this issue already before.


      When I try to create an XA datasource and select the driver I get a message: XA Datasource Class is required! and I can not proceed.

      And when i try to create the datasource via jboss-cli I get a message: WFLYJCA0069: At least one xa-datasource-property is required for an xa-datasource

      But there is no xa-datasource-property in the list available. What I then can do is create this datasource with: enabled=false

      and add the  properties via web console (apparently the key must be in uppercase). But the test connection button finally responds with

      Successfully created JDBC connection


      So this seems somehow inconsistent or id I make something wrong?