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    jboss-as maven plugin: undeploy by pattern matching

    Alec D Newbie

      My ear files have version in them. For example, myApp-1.0.1.ear or myApp-1.0.2.ear. I'm trying to undeploy by regex(cause I don't know what the current version is), and then deploy.

      I'm looking for 'myApp-.*', however it doesn't work. I also tried, 'myApp*', 'myApp.*\.ear' etc.

      The error I get:

      [INFO] Error executing UNDEPLOY


      Embedded error: {"domain-failure-description" => {"JBAS014653: Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-3" => "JBAS014807: Management resource '[(\"deployment\" => \"myApp-ear-1.0.0.ear\")]' not found"}}}


      If I hardcode the final build name in my pom.xml, the undeploy and deploy both work fine. - <finalName>myApp</finalName>


      JBoss runs in domain mode - if that makes any difference.


      what am I doing wrong?

      Here's my pom.xml