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    Exception with using Oracle DB


      Hi, we are trying to run overlord rtgov server 2.0.0.Final on Oracle 11. But we get exception in attachment (need column internal in table). Whats wrong and how to fix it pls.?

      Tthe only SQL script with we founded was h2.sql - we used them and converted for Oracle. After i added column internal manually inside DB i get error You cannot commit during a managed transaction! DB settings is make like in http://docs.jboss.org/overlord/rtgov/2.1.0.Beta1/userguide/html/_installation.html#_database

      Plus, after restart we dont see data in gui - Overlord dont read it from database back?

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          Hi Pavel


          Firstly I've moved your post as Overlord Development forum is for project developers/contributors. Users should discuss issues in this forum.


          Looks like a keyword conflict so can you please raise a bug on the project jira: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RTGOV


          What data specifically is not being displayed in the GUI?

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            I am not sure if the missing column in RTGOV_ACTIVITIES table is a bug. May be i just have bad SQL create scripts. Where to find appropriate SQL script? I found them only on github inside 2.0.0.Final source code (distribution\overlord-rtgov-assembly\src\main\resources\platforms\jboss-eap-6\all\sql\). Even found scripts for h2. You dont publish script for Oracle, Postgresql, ...




            About GUI question: http://localhost:8180/rtgov-ui/analytics.html#/dashboard/file/default.json ...default dashboard after clicking Analytics button on http://localhost:8180/rtgov-ui/


            After log some activities (they will be displays on dashboard) i stop server, clean the jboss\standalone\data run server again, open dashboard - and i dont see any previously created records (they are only present in DB). Why? Is it because oven i choice to use JPA store Overlord internally still use Elasticsearch? And because data of Elasticsearch are defaultly stored inside jboss\standalone\data folder - so after delete this folder i will see no records on dashboard? If this is the reason - is there any posibility to change this behaviour? We want use database only approach ...we will log 50 000 activities and 5x more activity properties per day, but need them online for another systems witch can access DB only.

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              Hi Pavel


              Yes the 'internal' column should be part of the schema. We only ship the H2 scripts as part of the community project, although the FSW product subscription (which includes RTGov) does include scripts for other dbs. There has been discussion recently about placing those scripts back in the community project - so may happen soon.


              The information displayed in the Kibana dashboard only comes from Elasticsearch. Activities and Situations can be stored either in Elasticsearch or RDBMS, however the information displayed in Kibana is response time information derived from the activities.


              Have you considered setting up an Elasticsearch cluster to make the information available across multiple systems?

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                Thx Gary,


                from me point of view is all clear. There is no bug and GUI works with data only from Elasticsearch. We dont have capacity to implement access into Elasticsearch into other systems - all just working/knowing with Oracle DB.


                Last point: can you please send me a link for FSW product where to find Overlord SQL scripts? I have just JBoss Fuse Service Works - Downloads and inside this jar are no SQL scripts.

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                  Unfortunately you can only get access to the product if you have a paid subscription. However RTGov 2.x hasn't be productised yet, it will be included in the next version of FSW, and at that point the db scripts may be moved back into the community project. At this point, as the productisation of RTGov 2.x hasn't occurred, the scripts would not be uptodate yet anyway.