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    Envers:  Can this be done, and if so, how?

    gene may Newbie

      I'm new to using Hibernate Envers Properties.


      Does anyone know how I can save a new record where the if the properties values are the same, I would want Envers not to report the property as having been changed?


      For example:


      public class Pie




        //ommitting the setters and getters

        @GeneratedValue (strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)

        @Column(name = "id")




        String fruit = apple; 




        String diameter = "12 inch pie"



      I create first apple pie that has 12 inch diameter. I later add another pie, a cherry pie, and the diameter is also 12 inches. Note that I've set audited(withModifiedFlag=true) only on the diameter of the pie.


      I would like to see in the audit table:


      Rev | fruit | diameter | diameter_mod


        xx | cherry | 12 inch pie | 0


        xx | apple | 12 inch pie | 1 


      Is this even possible?


      What I've tried was that if I create a new object and then use save or saveOrUpdate, I would see that diameter_mod equals to 1 for cherry pie. Is there anyway I can create the cherry pie with the same 12 inch and have Envers report

      diameter_mod is 0 like above?


      If I were to retrieve the apple pie through a session and modify the apple pie into a cherry pie, then diameter_mod would return 0.


      Pie p = (Pie) session.get(Pie.class, 1)...


      PieFactory.saveOrUpdate(pie, session);


      Instead of modifying an existing record, I would like to create a brand new Pie object and persist it in the database, for example, new Pie ("pumpkin", "12 inch pie") and I would like to see the audit table to say that the size has not changed by showing a 0 for the pumpkin pie's diameter. Is this possible with Envers?


      Thanks in advance.