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    Jboss-cache-clustering not working

    ashutosh singh Newbie



      I am trying to setup Jboss cache clustering using Jgroup multicast feature on centos 6.6 and tomcat.

      Setup -I have two tomcat running on VM1 and VM2.

                 When I start the tomcat on VM1  it listen on multicast ip 45581 and when I started the second tomcat on VM2 it fail to start Jboss-cache-cluster .

      When I am doing netstat I can see two entries of the same ip and port on VM2

      udp        0      0*

      udp        0      0*


      On VM1 I can see one entries of netstat

      udp        0      0*



      I am not sure if some ip cache is happening at OS level or Jboss Cache is creating two entries .Two entries come only on second Tomcat VM2 after Tomcat on VM 1 is started


      let me know,if I am missing something