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    Wildfly is always shutdown after a redeployment

    Emil Rais Newbie

      Hi, I hope some of you are able to help us, since we haven't been able to find help elsewhere.


      We're running a recent version of Ubuntu on Digital Ocean where we have an Nginx front-end and Wildfly back-end if you will.

      We have made a server-side hook for Git, that packages the relevant source code into a .war-file and copies it to the standalone/deployments directory of Wildfly.


      The version of Wildfly we're running is 8.2Final.


      The problem is that Wildfly always always terminates when we push a build of our application if Wildfly was already running.

      We cannot find a reason in the log file contained in /var/log/wildfly nor /opt/wildfly/standalone/logs for this shutdown.


      Do you know what could be causing this problem? Is Wildfly supposed to shutdown every time the deployments folder is updated?

      We don't think it is supposed to behave this way.


      Regards, Emil

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          jaikiran pai Master

          When you say, shutdown, does the JVM crash or is it a clean shutdown? Can you attach the server.log? Do you see any JVM dump files generated (the location of which depends on how the server was started, but looking in JBOSS_HOME/bin folder might be a good start). There was also a good suggestion in this other thread on a way to figure out what triggered the process to be killed Re: Wildfly 8.2 process go down without any logs NEW MESSAGES, see if that helps narrow down the issue.

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            Emil Rais Newbie

            Thank you so much.

            It has been a nuisance of ours for several months now and we finally diagnosed and handled the problem.


            Nothing was written to the server.log in standalone/log and neither to the console.log in /var/log/wildfly.

            The thread you linked to however was perfect.

            dmesg | egrep -i -B100 'killed process'

            By using this command we could see what processes the system has killed, and Java was among them.

            It killed Java due to running out of memory.

            So we followed a guide to add a swapfile - we added one of 2GB and the problem disappeared.

            Before it was present at every single redeployment, now for two consecutive pushes, there has been no problem.