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    Strange architectural decisions on JBoss

    Renato Silva Newbie

      Hi friends,


         I started on JBoss recently and just got my RHJCA. Coming from Weblogic there are some architectural decisions on JBoss which sounded weird to me and wanted to know the communities opinion. Namely, I've liked the profiles idea where we could choose which features would be available to the servers (pojo, jms, clustering, etc) making the server groups within that profile fitted for the applications. However, when we create datasources or JMS queues/topics we target them to the profile. I think that doesn't sound like a good design. These things (datasources and jms objects) are specific to applications. They should be targeted to server groups (just like the applicatons themselves). I don't recall now, but I think there are more resources which shouldn't be targetted to the profile.


      What do you guys think ?




      Renato Silva

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The profile is related to the application, so the resources are correct here.

          What might differ are some properties which can be replaced with expression "${....}" in the profile and set by properties from the server-group.

          A server-group is mean as a number of servers which use the same configuration.


          What might come near to your approach is the profile templating, here you can have an "abstract" profile and other specific profiles can inherit and extend the DS/JMS etc.

          But this is a new feature, AFAIR it is considered to be implemented later but not sure when that will happen.


          Does that makes sense to you?

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            Renato Silva Newbie

            I understand what you're saying. If I have different applications on a domain (say more than 50 will be our case) I'll have as many profiles on my domain if I intend to segregate resources from different applications..


            Alas, doesn't seem practical to me but I'll have to make it work that way.