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    JBPM 6.2.0Final and JBoss AS7 , Install scripts doesnt not create Task Table in Oracle Databases ?


      Hi All,


      I just ran the installation and it works all fine , but when I execute the check weather example , i see error which says that table or view doesnt exist. The console when deploying created all the tables but looks like that it didnt created the Task table. I saw the persistence.xml and saw that all the object which are mentioned the table structure gor created for it but there are some file in persistence.xml which are referened which are not found in the path and hence those tables are not created.


      I also searched it in the git repository and I cannot find then there as well. I am guessing the the objects related with the Task table might be in the orm mapping file Taskorm.xml but as it is not there in the war it is not been executed.  ?



        <persistence-unit name="org.jbpm.domain" transaction-type="JTA">









      Do you expect us to run the .oracle-jbpm-schema.sql this file manually to create the schema ? I dont think so . Please do let us know .


      Summary Questions.

      1. Where is the Taskorm.xml file in the respository so that when the application get deployed it automatically creates the schema for the Objects. ?

      2. Is it expected from the users to run the .sql provided ?


      community please share your thoughts and experience , I didnt had this issue when I deployed the JBPMN6.1.0.final with the Wildfly 8 version .  but I am getting this issue when i installed the Jbpmn 6.2.0.final and Jboss 7.1.1

      anyhelp will be highly appreciated.



      Sanjay Gautam