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    lordalucard7545 Newbie


      I currently work with the component rich:collapsiblePanel, I use it twice in my page as this:

      <rich:collapsiblePanel id="item1">...</rich:CollapsiblePanel>


      <rich:collapsiblePanel id="item2">...</rich:CollapsiblePanel>


      My need is to open only one component of rich:collapisblePanel, so when i click for example in the second item of richCollapsiblePanel the first one must be closed automaticaly.


      Thanks in advance

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          Michal Petrov Master

          We have rich:accordion which is set up to work like that, otherwise you can use @onswitch and collapse the second panel when the first one expands, and vice versa:


          function collapse(event, id) {
              if (event.rf.data.isExpanded == 'true') {
          <rich:collapsiblePanel id="panel1" onswitch="collapse(event, 'form:panel2'" …>