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    HornetQ reprocessing messages

    Andrew Clarke Newbie

      I'm still using JBoss 6.1, which apparently includes HornetQ 2.2.5.Final.  I'm having a problem where JMS messages are being reprocessed.  For example, this morning I had one message reprocess ten times, each about a second apart.  There were no exceptions thrown, but it just kept reprocessing.


      I don't know what's causing this, and/so I haven't been able to reproduce it.  So far I've only observed it happening in production.  As far as I know, my hornetq-configuration.xml file is default, with the following:



            <!--default for catch all-->

            <address-setting match="#">










      I can start messing with configuration files, but without really understanding what's causing this problem I'm hesitant to just start poking around in production.  If anyone can help me identify this problem, I'd really appreciate it.