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    ClassCastException: Iterator returning instance of MarshalledValue instead of real object

    Luciano Molinari Newbie

      Hi all,



      We have a few applications using Infinispan 7.1.1 and when we iterate over the values of the cache, we sometimes are getting a ClassCastException:


      org.infinispan.marshall.core.MarshalledValue cannot be cast to org.apache.solr.common.SolrInputDocument (this is the type of object we're storing as the value of the cache)


      This happens in just a few occasions, most of the times everything works as expected. I added a log message to print out the key and value of the entry before getting the exception and here what I got in case of error:


      2015-07-22 16:49:37,009 INFO Analyzing the key 1437580176892 and value MarshalledValue{serialized=[B0x0301fe0409000000..[3136]}@3057898


      When we get no error, the message is:


      2015-07-22 16:49:43,200 INFO Analyzing the key 1437580163898 and value SolrInputDocument(fields: ..)


      This cache is replicated sync among 2 nodes, but the process of iterating over the cache just happens in a single node.


      We're using the storeAsBinary() as follows:





      Any idea of what may be causing this issue?



      Thanks in advance,