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    DistributedLock on remote Infinispan cluster

    Klaus Schroiff Newbie



      I am currently evaluating some distributed Caches in order to replace our Terracotta server.


      Since we are using JBoss 7 in prod I thought it would makes sense to give infinispan 7 a try - in a remote server setup that is.

      After running into numerous classloader issues (with the embedded but dormant infinispan 5) plus a recently filed JCache bug, I managed to make the cache aspect working.

      So far so good.


      Thereafter I tried to use the Distributed Locks ... but only to find out that RemoteCache returned from HotRod doesn't expose this (it's not derived from AdvancedCache which does).

      Any idea how to do distributed locks on a remote infinispan server ? I didn't find something in the docs about this.