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    Guided Rule Template in KIE 6.2.0.Final - Issue

    Suresh Ramamurthy Newbie

      I created a Gruided Rule Template in KIE Workbench and populated some data. Now when I build and deploy and get a kjar out of it, I have simple program which introspects for all the rules available for a package and it looks like the template related rule are not displayed. What is going wrong. Am I missing something.


      Below code shows you how to loop and get all the rules.

           KieServices ks = KieServices.Factory.get();        

           KieContainer kContainer = ks.getKieClasspathContainer();               

           CollectionkiePkgs = kContainer.getKieBase("rules").getKiePackages() ;       

           System.out.println("kiePkgs Length is " + kiePkgs.size() ) ;       


           for(KiePackage kiePkg : kiePkgs)   {       

                System.out.println("Package Name is --->" + kiePkg.getName() ) ;               

                Collection  rules = kiePkg.getRules() ;               


                for (Rule rule : rules)  {       

                     System.out.println("Rule Name is --->" + rule.getName() )  ;       




      Any inputs are highly appreciated