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    Creating a SAR file

    Chai Rao Newbie

      I am a newbie to JBoss. I use the Netbeans IDE. I have an application written in plain old Java which needs to be ported to

      run under JBoss. I plan to use RMI in the server/client. There seem to be very few examples on the internet on how to go about creating either

      an EAR or SAR starting with a JAR file. I want to simply prototype the process of a server side piece using RMI deployed to JBoss,

      and then access it via a client program from outside the JBoss server.


      I already have the client/server prototype running correctly using the RMI and communicating fine across different hosts. The next step is to deploy

      the server side in JBoss, and testing it with my client programs. After this works, I can think about porting my main application to JBoss.


      Can anybody point me to examples of how this is done ? Also, I was not sure if this was the right group to post this question......apologies in advance if so.