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    Job Executor not working as expected

    Abhishek Singh Newbie


      Hi guys,

                 I have a problem working with job executor.


                 I have two process definition files, the graph of the first process definition file is as follows

                 StartState->WaitState->ProcessState(has a reference to the second process definition and it is also set to async)->WaitState->EndState.
                 I want the process state to be executed by the job executor asynchronously and the rest of the nodes to be handled by the main thread.
                 But when I run the code all the nodes after the ProcessState  till the wait state is executed by the job executor
                also if I  use signal after the process state I get an exception i.e this token is locked by the job().


      please help...

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Which version of jBPM are you using?

          Reading your description that's the expected behaviour. The activities in the process flow needs to be executed in sequence, no matter if they are sync or async. If you want to execute all the activities that are after something that is handled by a job executor, you can just create a gateway so they can be executed in "parallel".



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            Abhishek Singh Newbie

            Thank you Very Much..

            I am using JBPM version 3.2.6.

            I know that's the expected behaviour of job executor but the problem is once the job executor has finished the processing the node and it is in the wait state after the sync node, it has still lock on the token and if I query the token I am still in the Async node even though it has finished executing the node after the async node.