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    Getting out of memory exception while starting Messaging server in cluster

    Arvind Jain Newbie

      Version - Wildfly 8.2.0 final




      I am using wildfly as JMS messaging cluster. Whenever I start messaging server, I am getting following exception:


      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1) Exception in thread "hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1)   at org.hornetq.core.buffers.impl.ChannelBufferWrapper.readSimpleStringInternal(ChannelBufferWrapper.java:86)

      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1)   at org.hornetq.core.buffers.impl.ChannelBufferWrapper.readStringInternal(ChannelBufferWrapper.java:115)

      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1)   at org.hornetq.core.buffers.impl.ChannelBufferWrapper.readString(ChannelBufferWrapper.java:93)

      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1) at org.hornetq.core.cluster.DiscoveryGroup$DiscoveryRunnable.run(DiscoveryGroup.java:300)

      2015-07-27 23:41:38,603 ERROR [stderr] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1)   at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

      Can anyone help?


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          Justin Bertram Master

          Based on the information you've provided so far I'd say you simply need more heap space.  If you want a deeper investigation than that then you should provide more details about your use-case and the exact circumstances when the error occurs. 


          If you're use-case is simply "start the messaging server" with the default clustered configuration from Wildfly 8.2 then most (if not all) users should be seeing this same problem.  However, to my knowledge this is not a commonly occurring problem.  That suggests there's more to your use-case than you're saying.