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    Wildfly service not stopping and had to kill

    Yogesh Sahasrabuddhe Newbie


      I'm using Wildfly 8.2.0 in my environment and registered wildfly service using service.bat


      When I try to stop the service using net stop <service-name>, the service goes to stopping state and afterword it accepts no further commands and the only workaround is to kill the process.


      This service is registered as a local system account


      While debugging the issue, I came across an open ticket [DAEMON-298] Windows service fails to stop with error code 1053 (using Windows 7 service manager) - ASF JIRA

      with Procrun 1.0.15, which is being used in wildfly.

      Can someone please let me know if anyone have previously seen such behavior and if there is any workaround / solution for this.

      Thanks in advance