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    Wildfly-9.0.x: Which wildfly-container-arquillian version is recommended?

    Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice



      I can't find anymore the corresponding arquillian container versions for 9.0.x as it was for previous releases. For example, for wildfly-8.2.0-Final, there was also wildfly-container-arquillian-remote.8.2.0.Final available. I tried the new the versions in GitHub with the groupid org.wildfly.arquillian. But think, these versions are already for wildfly-10.x targeted. They didn't worked for me.


      Using arquillian container 8.2.0.Final seems to to work for wildfly-9.0.1 but I am not sure. Can you tell me which arquillian containers I should use for wildfly-9.0.1?