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    Named parameters support for queries

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      We are observing some slowness in parsing to tune of 3x in version 8,0.Beta2 as compared to 7.2.x final.

      The list is 20% better.

      Is there anyway we can skip parsing stage by storing some part of query as named parameters and passing a map of fieldname and object as suggested in one of interfaces.

      We see some information being stored as fixed queries at present but can be substitute part of where clauses with named parameters or bind variables .

      Attaching profiling results for both 7.2. and 8.0.Beta2

      Or if these changes are planned at some later point as we see in 8.0 roadmap can we get some idea on delivery dates or we would like to pickup ourselves if someone has not already done.

      Kindly let us know the contact point for the same.