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    Is it possible to know which profile is used in DeploymentUnitProcessor in domain mode?

    Lin Gao Newbie

      In domain mode, each server belongs to one server-group, each server-group has a profile defined in domain.xml, is it possible to know which profile is used during DeploymentUnitProcessor.deploy() is invoked?


      I need to register the installed jdbc drivers, which needs the information of profile[1] the current server uses in domain mode.


      JDBC driver can be installed as a JBoss module, or can be deployed as a deployment(via CLI: deploy jdbc-driver.jar), where the DriverProcessor.deploy() is processed. In the latter case, how can I know which profile the current server(for example: server-one) runs against?


      [1] wildfly/DriverRegistry.java at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub