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    AMQ9213: A communications error for 'TCP' occurred. MQ Channel Restart Frequent

    Joe Park Newbie

      I really need your help.



      Our MQ Team told us they observed that our JBoss connection to MQRA . MQ Channel Restart Frequents.

      Every 1-2 mins in average.

        We are also getting following error when we enabled JBoss MQ Trace logs

      "11:21:59.475.00  1128 CC=2;RC=2009;AMQ9213: A communications error for 'TCP' occurred."

      This error appears very often And  somehow match 1-2 mins in average.

      Could you please shed more light on this error, would this be an error caused by Client or Server?


      Error: IBM MQ AMQ9213: A communications error for TCP/IP occurred

      Running EAP 6.3.3 and MQRA Redhat 6

      Our MQ Team raised RED-FLAG that the connections from JBoss MDB MqRA Channel connection keep restarting every 1-2 mins.

      However, Yes Our JBOSS MQ MDB is able to connect/communicate with MQRA and have no problem connecting to it or pass messages.

      (From application point of view)

      When we turn on JBoss mq Trace log.   We notice  "11:21:59.475.00  1128 CC=2;RC=2009;AMQ9213: A communications error for 'TCP' occurred."

      error from Jboss MQ Trace (every 1-2 mins I see this error as well)


      What we have done SO far


      Made changes to Standalone-ha.xml including :


      • .Change heart beat
      • .Change connection pools


      #2)Made changes to ra.xml (wmq.jmsra.rar)


      • "reconnectionRetryCount" and "reconnectionRetryInterval" to higher value.


      However, we don't use wmq.jmsra.rar BUT we used extract version of wmq.jmsra.rar example : /opt/jboss/modules/com/ibm/mq/main/

        (so there is no wmq.jmra.rar in the folder)


      #3) Add system enviornment

      %export MQNOREMPOOL to 1

      (inside the Jboss startup shell script)

      Restart Jboss same problem.


      #4) I found this FixPack at IBM Websphere MQ - for error AMQ9213


      What does this mean or relate my problem? 


      So HELP@!@@@

      Thank you.


      PS: Justin Bertram said "errors you receive from the IBM WebSphereMQ JCA RA are really a matter for IBM support"  in the following Thread


      BUT I need to be able to prove this..   We have IBM Websphere MQ  PMR opened but how do I troubleshoot ..how do I proof this.. help..!!

      How do I start?  Any steps and procedures are appreciated of working with IBM MQ Rep