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    Sybase database pool not claiming used connections

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      ** Also post this under JCA Forum, sorry for the dual post, hoping get some help ASAP **

      Hello there! We have a JBoss 4.0.1sp1 + Sybase 12 + JConnect 5.5 with a 50 connections pool. We use a monitor (currentAvailableConnections from web-console) to check the number of available connections, what can be seen is that the pool is "shrinking", the graph looks like a stair, it starts with 45-50 available connections, then after a time (15min or so) it reduces to 40-45... and goes on. Even during lunch time where the application is almost not accessed the pool does not seem to claim its used connections back.
      What we are doing is forcing a flush on the MBean in order to free the resources. We also use a mysql and that database pool does return to original state after not being used.
      Also, checking the sybase it shows that it has 50 connections and 90% of them are on WAITING_COMMAND state.
      I wonder what might be the problem. any idea?
      Could be the idle_timeout for the pool? The driver?

      Best regards