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    SOAP 1.2 endpoint with Wildfly 9 and CXF

    Jozef Pohorelec Newbie

      we are developing SOAP 1.2 CXF webservices on Wildfly 9. We first model WSDL files and then let Maven generate the Java classes. The webservices are configured to expose our WSDL - we don't let Wildfly to generate it from the implementation.

      However, Wildfly still modifies our WSDL files - it adds the SOAP 1.1 endpoint to the WSDL file and the existing SOAP 1.2 endpoint (which is prepared by us) also works as SOAP 1.1, it doesn't accept SOAP 1.2 requests.

      Our class annotations are following:


      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://example.com/foo/", name = “HelloWorldPortType", wsdlLocation = Constants.WSDL_LOCATION)

      @WebServlet(urlPatterns = “/hello-world")

      @BindingType(value = SOAPBinding.SOAP12HTTP_BINDING)

      public class HelloWorldPortTypeImpl implements HelloWorldPortType { ... }

      It seems that the @BindingType annotation is ignored by the webservice runtime.

      Can anybody please help us with this problem?

      Thanks in advance!