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    Infinispan - JCache annotations - Remote cache

    German Tejero Newbie

      I want to use JCache annotations with remote infinispan cache through HotRod.

      I define javax.cache.spi.CachingProvider to org.infinispan.jcache.remote.JCachingProvider.

      In a method, when i use jcache without annotations, the remote chaching provider is used.

      CachingProvider proveedor = Caching.getCachingProvider();

      CacheManager manejador = proveedor.getCacheManager();

      Cache cache = manejador.getCache("persona");

      But when i use jcache annotations, the embedded cache provider is used.


      @CacheDefaults(cacheName = "persona")

      public class Servicio {



          private Datos datos;



          public Modelo obtener(@CacheKey Integer c)...


      Is posible use remote cache with jcache annotations?



      Thanks to all!