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    JBOSS EAP 6.4 deployment interface.

    Shruti Arora Newbie



      I want to deploy a war file in the JBOSS 6.4 from the java code.

      Till now I have tried :


      CallbackHandler callback = new PasswordClientCallbackHandler("abc",

        "ManagementRealm", "abc1.".toCharArray());

        ServerDeploymentManager sdm = ServerDeploymentManager.Factory.create(

        address, port, callback);

        DeploymentPlanBuilder dpb = sdm.newDeploymentPlan();

        AddDeploymentPlanBuilder add = dpb.add("xyz", new File(


        dpb = add.andDeploy();

        List<DeploymentAction> deploymentActions = dpb.getDeploymentActions();

        for (DeploymentAction deploymentAction : deploymentActions) {



         Future<ServerDeploymentPlanResult> result = sdm.execute(dpb.build());

        while (!result.isDone()) {



        ServerDeploymentPlanResult planresult = result.get();

        ServerDeploymentActionResult actionresult = planresult



      But it is not working. The connection is successful but the deployment is not happening.

      Is there some other interface or methods I should use?


      Please provide some inputs or pointer.