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    JBossTS distributed without container JEE

    Giovani Kliemann Newbie



      I'd like to use JBossTS to do a distributed transaction across 2 JVMs.


      I don't want to use EJB, neither a JEE container. Maybe a Spring container only.


      I'd like to use something really lightweight, two simple JVMs.


      There is an easy way to do it? Or a simple example / tutorial?


      I'd like to do all of explicit way (or using Spring):

      - start the transaction in the JVM 1

      - do some operations in the database

      - call the JVM 2, propagating "explicitly" the ID of the transaction from JVM 1 to JVM 2

      - in the JVM 2

        - do some operations in the database

        - return to JVM 1

      - in the JVM 1:

        - do some more operations in the database

        - do the commit (two phase commit, involving JVM 1 and JVM2)