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    http to https redirection not working with LB URL

    Dinakaran Kanagaraj Newbie

      Hi, We have installed our application on Jboss 5.1 on server SRVIDM001 (IP.ADD.RES.S01). We have made the automatic redirection settings on the web.xml as below.




            <web-resource-name>Entire Application</web-resource-name>








      And the automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection is working fine when we access the application with IP Address.

      But when we access it via load balancer URL, the redirection didnt work. It say page cannot be displayed.



      http://IP.ADD.RES.S01:8180/Appname   --> it redirects to https://IP.ADD.RES.S01:8444/Appname

      Loadbalance url is : http://MyApp.com - this is mapped to above ip address

      if I access http://MyApp.com , it says page cannot be dispalyed

      But if i access https://MyApp.com , the application is accessible. no issues.


      We have firewall settings as 80 redirect to 8180   and 443 redirect to 8444.


      http://MyApp.com  it should be redirected to https://MyApp.com. This is what we want.

      Can this be done at application (jboss) sever end?? or on the firewall?

      Please help us how to resolve this issue when we access it via load balancer url.