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    Create a JChannel (JGroups) with Protocol Stack from Subsystem configuration

    Adrian Bader Newbie

      I use an own JChannel to send messages between the JVM nodes in a cluster:


      JChannel channel;
      public void start()
         log.info("JGroups: Starting channel 'WebSocketListener'");
         channel = new JChannel();
         catch (ChannelException e)
         log.error("JGroups: Error starting channel.", e);


      However, channel = new JChannel() does always try to create an udp channel, even if I configured a tcp protocol stack as default stack in the subsystem configuration (standalone.xml).


      How can I create a channel using the settings of the subsystem configured in standalone.xml? Or do I need to re-define these settings and create the JChannel with these settings?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

      - a.bader