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    How to get service task status via TaskService?

    Jonathan Chen Newbie

      I have a workflow that has a User Task that transitions to a Service Task, which I'm coding as asynchronous as it potentially can be a long running process. What is confusing me is that when I complete the User Task and check the status by doing taskService.getTasksByStatusByProcessInstanceId(id, [Status.Ready, Status.Completed], "en-US"), I get back the task but taskSummary.getName() still returns the User Task's name. Is there a way to make it get the Service Task name? I have confirmed that the Service Task is in fact running but still returns the User Task name.


      Or, better yet, is there a better way to get the current "state" of a particular workflow no matter the type of task it is currently on?


      Thanks for any help.example.PNG