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    Rich Notify Window not disappering from Page?

    Subodh Joshi Newbie

      I am using <rich:notify/> for displaying error/notification messages and used below code inside Popup Window


      <rich:notify stayTime="2000"
                          rendered="#{flash.warningMessage.length() > 0 }"
                          styleClass=".rf-ntf-cnt"  showShadow="false" sticky="true">
                          <f:facet name="detail">
                              <rich:panel id="notifyWarningMessage"
                                  style="background-color:#ffebe8; padding:15px 0 15px 10px; border-radius:0 0 0 0">
                                      value="../resources/images/Button-Warning-icon.png" height="20"
                                      width="20" />
                                       Warning: #{flash.warningMessage}


      Its working fine but its not disappearing from JSF page.




      Can anyone tell me What will be the issue ?