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    Where is url configured for accessing single node in cluster JBoss 5

    Paul Taylor Newbie



      I have inherited a lot of legacy code in a new job. Part of this is a JBoss 5 cluster, it appears to be using mod_cluster. An issue has been raised where a url sent out in an email from one of our apps does not work. URL is of the form http://hostname/node/tfl-s1/viewReport where tfl-s1 would appear to be the node name. This url returns a 404. If I remove  /node/tfl-s1 from the url, then it will work (if I am lucky & get routed to the correct server by chance). I have been googling & looking at the config, but can not find out where the url for a single node in the cluster is configured.


      Any ideas/help/insight will be greatly appreciated as I feel like I am looking for a needle in a haystack at the moment.


      Many thanks