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    Vertical Scroll bar inside cell of Rich extended data table not appearing in Firefox

    Sarath Krishnan Newbie


           I have a requirement to show vertical scroll bar inside each cell of a table (I am using extended data table) If the text in the cell is longer than column width. I am able to achieve it  using the style given below. But it is not working in Firefox. It works fine with Chome and Internet Explorer. Any Inputs would be greatly appreciated.





      .fixedSizeRows .rf-edt-c



      height: 28px !important;

      border-right:none !important;

      border-bottom:none !important;

      overflow-y: auto !important;

      overflow-x: hidden !important;

      word-wrap:break-word !important;

      white-space:normal !important; 



        Firefox ( No vertical scroll bar inside cell)




      Chrome ( Its showing vertical scroll inside cell)