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    JPA @Column annotation and Arquillian issue

    Eudris Cabrera Rodriguez Newbie

      I'm working in my first project with Arquillian and Wildfly 8.2.

      At first, everything was as i was expecting, but the last two days, I spent several hours trying to resolve an issues with one of the test case.

      Last night, I noticed  there is an issue with the JPA @Column annotation.


      For example:



      @Table(name = "building")

      public class Building extends BusinessEntityName<Long> {


          private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;




          @Column(name = "number_of_floor", nullable = false)

          private short numberOfFloors;


          @Column(name = "number_apart_per_floor", nullable = false)

          private short numberApartmentPerFloor;


          @Column(name = "register_date", nullable = false)

          private Date registerDate;




      JPA created the table 'building' with  fields 'number_of_floor','number_apart_per_floor' and 'register_date', but when you use the Arquillian annotation '@ShouldMatchDataSet',  it's expecting the fields 'numberOfFloors','numberApartmentPerFloor' and 'registerDate'.


      My quick solution was removing the @Column annotation, but now, JPA created the building table with field like the entity definition, ie. numberOfFloors, numberApartmentPerFloor, registerDate. We really need the fields with our database  conversion, 'number_of_floor','number_apart_per_floor' and 'register_date'.


      If you have any information about how to solve this issue, please let me know.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards