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    Infinispan 1.5.1 performance on 32-bit JDK 1.6 vs 64-bit JDK 1.7

    Ankur Bhatia Newbie



      We are using an Infinispan 1.5.1 as a second level cache with Hibernate, the applicaiton is running on Weblogic server (Solaris 10). We are observing that the performance of the online transactions has degraded after we have switched the JDK 1.7U76. The infinispan configuration (num of entries, expiration interval etc) , JGroup configurations have not been changed, and we are applying the exact same workload during our performance test. Is this to be expected, or do we need to adjust some configurations within Infinispan as we move to a 64 bit JVM?


      We have tried increasing the heap and giving more heap memory but that has not helped.


      Requesting some guidance on this front.