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    default errorhandler for wildfly 8 logging mechanism

    Sumanth Bandi Newbie

      I am migrating a project from JBoss 4.2.3 to Wildfly 9. I am using default jboss-logging mechanism

      We had errorHandler for every appender in jboss-log4j.xml

      <appender name="FILE" class="org.jboss.logging.appender.DailyRollingFileAppender"> <errorHandler class="org.jboss.logging.util.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/> <param name="File" value="${jboss.server.log.dir}/server.log"/> <param name="DatePattern" value="'.'yyyy-MM-dd"/> <layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout"> <param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d %-5p [%c] %m%n"/> </layout> </appender>

      What is the equivalent of errorHandler in jboss own logging mechanism in wildfly?